For runners who take their running seriously, Allegheny Trailrunners Trail Fest 3•6•12 is offering a great opportunity to get those legs moving for 3, 6 or 12 hours on our 2 mile course with a 375 foot of climb.

(Download Course Map)

New for 2020: This year we increase the distance from 1.875 miles to 2 miles so it is easier to keep track of mileage when you are on the course. And, we increased the hill climbing by more than twice the amount of climbing. We did this by adding a significant hill and extending two more climbs. 

Training for:

  • Eastern States 100
  • Black Forest 100K
  • Worlds End Ultra 100K
  • Boulder Field 100K
  • Pine Creek 100
  • Oil Creek 100
  • Tussey Mountainback 50

or another ultramarathon? This is a great opportunity to work those legs for the long haul, test your gear, get your nutrition in check, etc.

All runners will receive a participation award, overall winners for each event will get an award and runners who complete a marathon, 50K, 50 miles or 100k will be given a window decal with your distance.

Distances are determined by the number of laps completed.

  • 10K* = 4 laps; 1500 feet of climb
  • 1/2 Marathon* = 7 laps; 2625 feet of climb
  • Marathon* = 14 laps; 5250 feet of climb
  • 50K* = 16 laps; 6000 feet of climb
  • 50 Mile = 25 laps; 9,375 feet of climb
  • 100K = 31 laps; 11,625 feet of climb

(* – technically you would reach the mileage milestone somewhere on the course, but you will only be credited upon completing that lap.)

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