Allegrippis Trail System

The Allegrippis Trail System at the Army Corps. of Engineers Lake Raystown Facility is leased by the Friends of Raystown Lake the and is maintained by the Raystown Mountain Bicycling Association (RMBA.) Although they were designed for mountain bikers, these trails are open to trail runners who want to experience it’s nearly 40 miles of trails.

The trails are designed by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) as dual-directional sustainable multi-use trails designed for mountain bicycling. The trails are open year round to non-motorized users. Equestrian activities are prohibited on the trails.

The network of trails comprising the Allegrippis Trail System is constructed of three large loops. The A, B, and C loops each have a easy trail, moderate trail, and difficult trail, denoted by colors green, blue, and black. The difficulty is based on several factors including elevation gain and loss, trail tread, and location relative to emergency access. Signage at all of the intersections indicates to users trail name, location to nearest parking, and an emergency response identification tag. Throughout the system you will find ten large maps posted for easier navigation.

The land on which the trails is located is also open to hunting. With seasons occurring year round for different game it is imperative that users are prepared by wearing orange. Wildlife along the trail includes turkey, deer, black bear, pheasant, and a number of different reptile and amphibian species.


Official Website of the Allegrippis Trail System